We currently accept different payment methods : Cash , Card , Benefit Pay.

Smart Mart accepts cash on delivery based on the confirmed order invoice value. Our delivery employee’s will carry up to BD 20.000 in change. 

We also accept all Visa and Master Card payments through the use of POS Machines. 

Benefit pay payment method accepted as once the invoice issued you will receive the generated QR with the same mentioned amount in the invoice and it will be sent by WhatsApp. 

Minimum Order for delivery 

For free home delivery the minimum order will be BD 3 and the service charges for the order will be BD 0.600 unless if we provide a special offer , discount .

Covered area 

We will try our best to cover all the country areas as the delivery may delay due to circumstances outside of our control.

Return and Refund Policy 

We will be happy to make you satisfied with our services and products and to return unwanted items within 3 days of purchase. If you return to the driver at the same time then your money will be refunded in same time if it’s by Cash and if it’s by Card / Benefit Pay then please allow 5-7 working days in order for your refund to be processed. Alternatively the item must be returned in store or we will take it and delivery charges will be applied and deducted from the amount which should be refunded.

Items exempt from returns 

Unsealed bedding ( Pillows , Duvets , Quilt covers , Sheets ) , Chilled and frozen items , baby food and milk , gifts cards , vouchers and e-top up ( Batelco , Zain , STC ) , fireworks , Tobacco ( Cigarettes ) and all other kinds of Tobacco products , Unsealed items will be considered as an items cannot be returns . 

Full refund and exchange policy 

  1. Perishables , including fruit , vegetables , chilled , frozen and baby food are not returnable.
  2. Items must be returned within 3 days of purchase . 
  3. Original / Online invoice must be presented at the time of return. 
  4. Returns will only be accepted in its original packaging, with no scratches or damages. If boxed , the product will only be accepted in intact condition. 
  5. Cash refund or exchange of goods will be issued at the time of return only. No deferred settlement is allowed and customers must provide Bank account details if they want a refund after 1 day from purchasing date.